Kuttanadan Marpappa

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Kuttanadan Marpappa

U | 29 Mar, 2018 7,137 Votes

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy, Drama


When John Paul, a wedding photographer, meets Jessy for the first time, he instantly finds himself attracted to her. His crush eventually turns into love, the feeling which is reciprocated from Jessy's end too. However, their relationship is put to test when an arranged marriage proposition comes their way and everything in their relationships goes for a toss.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Kuttanadan Marpappa : Film Review -The Right Dose of Wit and Fun
Verdict: The out-and-out comedy flick checks all the right boxes. When a lensperson decides to take charge of the movie, there hardly is any fault with its frames. And Kuttanadan Marpappa is a testimo...
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Aneesh   rated it
Aneesh anu
absolutely fantastic movie .nyz performance . story nice.director done great work.all actors done great job .guys don't miss it keep watched on theatre...