Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka

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Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka

U | 02 Dec, 2016 781 Votes

2 hrs 10 min | Drama, Thriller

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Military officer Gautam Kesav (Anoop Menon) and businesswoman Shahida (Bhavana) lead a very happy married life with their two sons Neeraj (Sidharth Ajith) and Niranjan (Sanoop Santhosh). Gautam Kesav and Shahida belong to two different religious beliefs, but this no way affects their married life. Neeraj and Niranjan do a playful act for their parents, which accidently ends up in trouble which creates issues not only in their family, but also in the society. The resulting incidents are plotted in ‘Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka’.