Lad Gaya Pecha

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Lad Gaya Pecha

U | 26 Mar, 2010


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Tej Kaur (Shoma Anand) lives with her only son - Baljeet (Gurpreet Ghuggi) and she wants to get him married. After much coaxing, Baljeet decides to hunt for a bride himself for the sake of his mother`s happiness. With a flirtatious principal (Savita Bhatti) to contend with at college, Baljeet has no luck finding a suitable girl. After a chance meeting in the unlikely location of a graveyard at midnight, Baljeet realises he has found his dream girl - Lovely (Navneet Kaur). But when he suggests marriage, she makes a stunning revelation. If he wants to marry her he will have to die because she is a `soul` and he can only have her hand in Heaven! Baljeet decides that the only way to be with the love of his life is by killing himself.