Lonappante Mammodisa

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Lonappante Mammodisa

U | 01 Feb, 2019 5,443 Votes

2 hrs 16 min | Comedy, Drama

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Lonappan runs a loss-making watch repairing and sales shop but isn't too bothered about the losses. He has three sisters who are unmarried just like him, for which he has his own justifications. All in all, he lives like an aimless boat floating in a sea of struggles, mocking at people who are successful in their lives.

One day, he happens to attend his school reunion conducted by his friends, where he revisits his older self and starts to reflect on his potential. When he meets his friends who are doing really well in life and are happy, he starts thinking about his laid back life.

The Times of India   rated it
Lonappante Mammodisa
Lonappante Mammodisa might make you smile and probably, urge you to think about re-visiting your long-lost passion, if its given a chance....