London Bridge

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London Bridge

U | 31 Jan, 2014

Prithviraj starrer that signifies the importance of relationships

2 hrs 30 min | Drama, Romantic


Set entirely in the modern day England, `London Bridge` narrates the importance of relationships, and shows how love and empathy prevails against ambition and dreams. It is the story of an ambitious hardworking young entrepreneur, a kind-hearted daughter, and a successful business tycoon, whose heirdom is at stake as his only daughter values the pain and sorrow of the underprivileged in the society than her only relative in the world.

C S Nambiar, a well-known industrialist, who has many businesses under his wings, sees his future son-in-law in Vijay, a hardworking ambitious young business man, who is also an upcoming threat to some of his business interests. Nambiar offers to accept Vijay as his successor, if Vijay succeeds in bringing back his daughter, Pavitra, from her chosen path of charity and goodwill towards the needy of the society. Irrespective of being from a different cultural and financial background, Pavitra, feels it her responsibility to be part of the great nation she resides in, England, which has forever advocated, followed, and supported rehabilitation of the less fortunate part of all societies..

Vijay, who has struggled hard all his life to climb up the ladder of prosperity, takes up the challenge of winning the heart of art loving, compassionate Pavitra, who loves and respects the great people of England, and thereby wishes to offer her services to support the sick and hapless division of the society. Pavitra who has a strong individuality, and own views towards life, deep under her heart never wants to hurt her father, but has clear vision on what she would do with her life, and the fortune she would inherit from her father.
The movie revolves around different lifestyles of England, touching hearts of a number of people who represent the expat, as well as the inhabitant population of the great country, which has always welcomed various cultures to it`s heart.

Vijay`s quest to winning Pavitra`s heart, fulfilling C S Nambiar`s only aim in life, and thereby succeed in writing his own destiny, would be unfolded in the movie through light, and some times not so light-hearted moments.