Love Story 2050

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Love Story 2050

U | 04 Jul, 2008

3 hrs 0 min | Romantic, Sci-Fi

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This is the story of the future that has its strings attached to the past. A story of a couple Karan and Sana, who shall travel time to see what lies for them in the future. Dr. Yatinder Khanna is a crazy scientist who invents a never tested Time-Machine in which Karan and Sana travel. They come across Dr. Hoshi who abducts Karan`s lady love and begins a new quest to seek her back to travel far and beyond, where they belong. If you thought that was all, think again..Zeisha is the women of the future who looks exactly like Sana.
In the world of jets cars, robots, skyscrapers and mysterious.will Karan ever find Sana? Will Zeisha Fall in love with Karan? These are the questions that shall arise.