Lucia (Kannada)

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Lucia (Kannada)

U | 06 Sep, 2013 637 Votes

2 hrs 16 min | Drama

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This Kannada film, directed by Pawan Kumar, prides itself on being produced by the audience themselves. This is the first Kannada feature film to be completely Crowd Funded!
The film is about an insomniac who works at a theatre as an usher. Struggling to cope with his problem, he chances upon magical pills from a drug dealer who promises to make him sleep. But there is a rider attached with the offer -- the pills help the person dream the life he wants to live but in case he chooses to discontinue it, life will turn into a nightmare.
Pushed against the wall, he takes the pill and dreams that he is now a glamorous film star. But something deadly and ghastly awaits as his character sways between an insignificant life in the theatre hall to the dangerously thrilling life of a movie star.