Maalik Ek

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Maalik Ek

U | 29 Oct, 2010

2 hrs 8 min | Biography

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Maalik Ek is a feature film based on the preachings and philosophy of the great fakir and saint Shri Sai Baba. The film takes you to the era, during which the great fakir Shri Sai Baba was refused entry into various communities and villages surrounding Shirdi. These simple villagers were of the opinion that Sai Baba was a thug and thus out of sheer ignorance would chase away the great fakir until Shri Sai Baba finally settled down in Shirdi. Mahalsapati, a Sai Bhakt, who later became a close confident of Baba addressed Baba as ``Sai`` by saying the words ``aao Sai``, when Baba first came to Shirdi. This episode bestowed upon the great fakir, the title of ``Sai``. Shri Sai Baba continued to stay in Shirdi until his final Samadhi. This masjid later came to be known as ``Dwarkamai``.