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U | 03 Apr, 2015

2 hrs 23 min | Action, Romantic

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Arjun is an IT professional from London who moved to Chennai to start his own business. Arjun believes in keeping calm and not to lose one`s temper under any circumstances. However, Arjun is shocked when he learns that his late father had second family, and his half-sister Brinda wants to sell their family house in Madurai.
The siblings fight over the property and reach Madurai, where they find Durai Raj living in their house with his daughter Annapoorni. Arjun pretends that Poorni is his childhood sweetheart, wins her over, and then manages to get her to vacate the house. Arjun gets entangled with a local goon Guna, which leads to the accidental death of Guna`s wife. Now Guna is looking to avenge her death as he follows Arjun to Chennai. The rest of the film depicts how Arjun tackles all these issues.