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U | 11 Jan, 2019 942 Votes

2 hrs 17 min | Drama, Romantic


Madhav Dev, a well-known painter lives with his sister, Manasi, who is a writer by profession. Manasi has immense love for his brother and is very supportive of his work.

One fine day, Madhav meets Mallika on a dance shoot of a movie and is mesmerised by her beauty. Being a painter, he decides to make her a model for his next painting. Soon, Mallika gets on board and Madhav starts the painting work.

As the time passes, Madhav and Mallika grow fond of each other, fall in love and get married. Things a take a setback when the couple meets with an accident and their life changes forever. Will the couple be able to get back on the right track?


The Times of India   rated it
Madhaveeyam is a movie idolising and romanticising love stories amongst unequal partners where one worships the other. For this and this alone, it fails to connect with the current generation....
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Sagar   rated it
awesome a must watch
this movie is somthing wch yu cant deacribe... i had to waited for 12 hrs for a ticket.. atlast i was able to watch the movie for a black tiket worth 500 a must watch.. super bgm... super natural actin...