Magadheera (Tamil)

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Magadheera (Tamil)

A | 11 Dec, 2015 231 Votes

2 hrs 46 min | Action, Romantic


Magadheera is the Tamil dubbed version of the Telugu film - Yevadu. The film is a revenge driven action movie about a young man named Satya who is in love with Deepthi, but a don named Dheru bhai ruins their life. His madness for Deepthi has reached such heights that he sets fire to a bus in which she is travelling. Satya escapes from the accident and re-emerges as a college guy with the face of Ram Charan. What follows is a war waged to reinstate justice for his love.

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Santhosh   rated it
Magadheera (Tamil)
The movie was so good. The story was an old one but the way they presented was amazing. The vfx and sound effects were very good in the movie....