Magic Ajji

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Magic Ajji

- | 18 Apr, 2005


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``Magic Ajji` directed by Dinesh Babu is his first children based film.
It comes as a refreshing change and is a well made film. This is a story of a young boy who becomes a target of cruel relatives who want to usurp the property belonging to him. The story relates to a grand old lady (grand mother-Ajji) who controls the affairs of a Royal palace. One of the sons in the family marries a girl from a poor family and is disowned by the family. He is dead, and then the grandmother brings the woman and her son to the palace. After the old woman`s death, the other sons will hatch out a plan to kill the woman and her son. Ajji comes as a ghost to help out the boy in distress and saves him. She is visible only to the boy, and not to any other member of the family.