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UA | 09 Oct, 2009

2 hrs 30 min | Action, Drama


Dasu (Srikanth) is a lowlife living in a basti in Hyderabad. He makes a living out of `settlement of petty issues`. A young lawyer Krishnaveni (Bhavana) bails him out of a petty case and their acquaintance soon develops into romance. On other hand, a politician-cum-business woman (Jyothy) plans to set up a SEZ in that basti. That move is protested by dwellers headed by a leader (Sekhar). Meanwhile, a local politician cum rowdy leader Dada (Jayaprakash Reddy) also protests against businesswoman and seeks Rs 200 crores. Dasu initially believes Dada to be a good politician and works for him. When Dada tries to take advantage of Dasu, he realizes his fault and plans to contest against him in a newly floated Mahatma party.