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U | 08 Apr, 2011 1 Votes

Drama, Romantic


Raja (Taneesh) is the grandson of Dasaratha Ramaiah (Viswanath) and Janaki (Jayanti). He loses his parents in his childhood and is brought up by his grandparents. However, he could not put his mind in studies and fails in Class V. Dasaratha has two other sons and it is a combined family. Dasaratha used to chide Raja for everything. Once Raja''s aunt (Sudha), her husband (Chandramohan) and their daughter Indu (Bhama) come to their village from the US. Raja falls flat after watching Indu. In order to win her heart Raja plays several tricks and make Indu believe that he is a great lover. To impress her, Raja joins in a job with his paternal uncle. Once, he buys a half-saree and presents it to Indu. When Raja presumes that Indu is also interested in him, she reveals that she loved Ramesh (Rajiv), cousin of Raja. At this juncture, Dasaratha, who also presumes that Indu loves Raja and asks her to accept his hand and make him happy. However, Raja, who knows that Indu is in love with Ramesh, takes the blame on him and refuses to marry Indu. What happens next should be seen on-screen.