Mandobasar Galpo

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Mandobasar Galpo

UA | 24 Mar, 2017 185 Votes

1 hrs 44 min | Musical, Romantic, Thriller

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“Mandobasar Galpo” is a Romantic Musical – Thriller where the main protagonist Ahana Sen (played by Paoli Dam) is a cerebral film maker of national reputes but is a loner in reality after losing her fiancé Ritwick Basu (played by Kaushik Sen) few days before their wedding. Ritwik's sudden demise, left Ahana deserted, lonely and totally dejected with all the positive facets of life.

Dr. Sayantan Chowdhury, a renowned psychiatrist (played by Parambrata Chatterjee) treated her, helped her come out of the melancholia and had been instrumental in making Ahana a successful film maker. But all the feature films, directed by Ahana depicted the darker shades of human nature and essentially always resulted in a climax, which always felt her audiences sad & gloomy. In short, her personal crisis was gradually making a vast impact in her creativity.

Things changed drastically, when Ahana met Rick Ray, (played by Indrasish Roy), a budding musician in an audition and she gave him the lead character in her new movie. Ahana's behaviour started undergoing a gradual change for better with ongoing time. She also started getting attracted to Rick. Why? None knew about that.

Ahana also started feeling jealous of Oidrilla (played by Ritu Rai), the heroine of her movie due to her excessive interest towards Rick. This triangular relationship started effecting the film adversely. The Producer of the movie Anurag Bhattacharya and the PR personnel Mallika couldn't handle the situation as Ahana seemed very stubborn and adamant in all her decisions. Why? None knew about that.

Sreeparna (played by Dipanwita), the chief assistant director of Ahana and her journalist boyfriend Abhirup Dutta (played by Anindya Chatterjee) also started to take keen interest in this uncanny love story between Ahana & Rick, as there was something unusual about it. This is when the plot unfolds.

The story is about the various facets of human emotion and how the characters deal with them.