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A | 02 Feb, 2018

2 hrs 7 min | Horror, Thriller

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Avinash and Shilpa purchase a new farmhouse and leave Ramanna as the caretaker. Ramanna's friends, Bhyra and Huccha visit him to drink and make merry of their freedom. But what they don't know is that there's a pot at the farmhouse with a troubled soul named Manjari in it. She was ousted out of the house and into a pot by a magician. Unknown to them, the trio accidentally set her soul free.

Avinash and Shilpa return to the farmhouse with their newly married brother-in-law, Pradeep, and his wife, Kavya. The magician who imprisoned Manjari gets a deja-vu and rushes to the farmhouse, only to be shooed away by Avinash, who doesn't believe in ghosts and sorcery. But their beliefs are tested, as Manjari troubles them to the brink of madness. In time they learn what really happened to Manjari and why she's so hell-bent on revenge.