Manmadhan 2 (Tamil)

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Manmadhan 2 (Tamil)

- | 05 May, 2013 40 Votes

Romantic, Thriller


A depressed Madhan arrives at a hospital seeking counseling. Madhan claims to be emotionally affected by a heartbreak. This proves to be a ruse, however and he craftily seduces the psychiatrist (Mandira Bedi) and consequently he kills her.

Madhan Kumar is depicted as an accounts manager who studies music. A shy college student Mythili (Jyothika) has a nightmare of Madhan (whom she has never met before) raping her and fears him when she meets him in reality. Intrigued by her behavior, he approaches and befriends her. She soon realizes starts to love him. However, Madhan has a dark side, he stalks various women who are `morally corrupt`, seduces and kills them. Every time he embraces a woman with the intent of seducing her, his nose bleeds. Assistant Commissioner Deva (Atul Kulkarni) is assigned to bring the serial killer to justice.