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U | 22 Jun, 1999

Listen To Your Heart

2 hrs 53 min | Drama, Romantic

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Dev Karan Singh (Aamir Khan), a casanova and a painter deep in debt meets Priya (Manish Koirala) on a cruise. They are both engaged, but fall in love with each-other. For the sake of their love, they decide to not give up on one-another and meet 6 months later, on Valentine`s Day, after sorting everything out with their fiances. While Dev breaks up with his fiance, Anita, and also becomes successful and rich; Priya realizes that it would only be wrong to break Raj, her fiance`s heart for he had helped her in her days of need. She writes a letter to Dev expressing her inability to come, but fortunately for her, Raj reads it instead. He persuades her to go to Dev. She leaves to go, but never reaches to meet Dev. Dev thinks she has rejected him, and goes back.. What is the reason really? Dev only finds out years later, when he goes to meet her to give her an anklet his, now late, grandmother, who adored her dearly, wanted her to have.