Marigold: An Adventure In India

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Marigold: An Adventure In India

U | 17 Aug, 2007


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Marigold is a musical romantic comedy about a young American woman who travels to India and finds that her life is transformed in the most unexpected ways by her experiences and adventures there. Ali Larter plays an American actress who becomes immersed in the Bollywood film world Ali Larter`s actress character is pleasing to the western viewer - she`s blonde, which is "traditional" for a "white" person in a Bollywood movie, and visually understandable casting - but she`s a robust girl, not the ethereal kind of Blondie we`re usually presented with, and she`s a more or less three-dimensional total bitch, carrying on profane and abusive cell-phone conversations with a boyfriend and agent in the US.
Salman Khan plays a Hindi film choreographer who becomes the shoulder who the actress fall upon.
Hollywood director Willard Carroll manages to bring out the beauty of Indian locations as well getting the western audience the true picture of both the industries.