Mariyam Mukku

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Mariyam Mukku

U | 23 Jan, 2015 61 Votes

2 hrs 17 min | Drama, Romantic


Mariyam Mukku is a story of the fishermen community along the fictional coastal area of the same name. Mariyam Mukku is presented as a historically important place, as the people there believe themselves to be the descended from the Portuguese.
Felix is a fearless fisherman who lost his parents at a young age and has been adopted by Marian Ashan. Salomi and her father are Portuguese and they arrive at Mariyam Mukku with a hidden agenda. The crux of this soulful tale follows the complex events that unfold when Salomi falls in love with Felix.

Filmelon   rated it
Mariyam Mukku
Noted scenarist James Albert turns director with Mariyam Mukku, a movie with an Anglo-Indian background that is set in a fictional coastal village of Mariyam Mukku....
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Sujith   rated it
Mariyam Mukku
seriously bad story line and direction...feelin sorry for fahad...poor choice...