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UA | 09 Dec, 2016 7,123 Votes

2 hrs 12 min | Drama, Thriller


Marupadi narrates the story of a family who are constantly hounded by the law and power. The movie is based on a real life incident which took place in north India. Rahman, Bhama, and Baby Nayantara are in the lead roles in Marupadi directed by V M Vinu. The movie revolves around the family of Aby (Rahman), his wife Sara (Bhama), and their daughter Riya (Baby Nayantara). Aby is a bank employee. Sara was brought up in an orphanage and is lucky to have an understanding husband, Aby. When Aby gets a transfer to Kolkata, the family shifts to Kolkata where they have to encounter certain unexpected tragedies. How they face and overcome these adversaries forms the crux of the story.