Mathe Shhhh

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Mathe Shhhh

UA | 25 Mar, 2016

1 hrs 53 min | Drama, Thriller


Seven enthusiastic youngsters who are very passionate about movie making were running around Gandhi Nagar in search of a producer. After a great struggle, they get one producer who agrees to only make a trailer since they are a new team. Convinced that by looking at the trailer the producer will agree for a full production, they head to a bungalow to shoot a horror film. While shooting, two people from the team die. The others somehow escape from the location and visit the producer to tell him the issue. Without asking the team anything, the producer looks at the footage and immediately gives them 50 lakhs to shoot a full movie on the condition that it will be shot in the same bungalow. The team now has to choose between their dream and the horror of that bungalow.