Mathondu Madhuvena

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Mathondu Madhuvena

UA | 08 Apr, 2011

2 hrs 14 min | Comedy

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Mathondu Madhuvena is a sequel to Eradana. The take off is daughter of the house Mrudula (Priyanka) getting married to Vivek (Naveen Krishna) and parents of Mrudula injecting various controlling methods that forms the main force for the film and creates various confusions in the young couple`s married life. Further confusions arise when Mrudula becomes pregnant. Due to an irresponsible doctor (played by Umesh), the records are exchanged. Mrudula and Vivek are somehow settled and yet another problem crops up with the arrival of Veena (Jennifer Kotwal) in the already persisting havoc. Watch the film to see what happens next!