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A | 15 Jul, 2011

Comedy, Romantic

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Leela Krishna (Venu) is an orphan and he believes that it is the money, which rules the life. He studies law course and turns a lawyer. All the villagers collect Rs 2 lakh and throw him out of the village by donating him the money.

He reaches Hyderabad and stays with his friend Viswanath (Ali), who is also a lawyer. Leela comes to know that Jagannatham (Sayaji Shinde) is a famous lawyer and he has Rs 100 crore worth property. He has two daughters and the elder one Spandana (Satya Krishnan) fell in love with a lawyer and marries him. The couple continue to stay with Jagannatham in his house.

Leela traps the second daughter Vandana (Charmy Kaur) of Jagannatham by playing a trick that he is an honest lawyer who advocates justice always. He marries Vandana but his hopes get shattered when Vandana decides to stay with Leela only in his rented house leaving her father``s property and palatial bungalow.