Mayer Biye

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Mayer Biye

UA | 25 Sep, 2015

A contemporary look at the mother-daughter relationship!

1 hrs 36 min | Comedy, Drama

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Mayer Biye deals with the mother-daughter relationship, where Sreelekha Mitra plays a single mother who struggled to bring up her daughter. The daughter (Saayoni Ghosh), though close to her mother, is busy with her studies, her boyfriend and her social life. But, she realizes that her mother is lonely, and would be left alone once she leaves for higher studies. So, she devises a plan to marry off her mother, which leads to a series of events, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.
Mayer Biye mostly deals with the mother-daughter relationship, yet it raises several important questions too: do girls also miss their father`s support ? In today`s world how open are we vis a vis our parents? How do we view them, how much time do we give them? Are we aware of their needs or are we too selfish and too involved with our own lives?