Me Shivaji Park

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Me Shivaji Park

UA | 18 Oct, 2018

2 hrs 5 min | Crime, Drama

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Me Shivaji Park narrates the tale of 5 retired friends named Digambar Sawant, Vikram Rjyadhyaksh, Dilip Pradhan, Rustum Mistry, and Satish Joshi. All of them are regular joggers at Shivaji Park. They spend the leisure time having heart-to-heart conversations about their families and discussing current affairs. As the story unfolds, Satish's granddaughter dies after falling from the balcony. There are several rumours doing the rounds regarding her death, which prompts Satish and his friends to investigate about it even if they have to go on the wrong side of the law. Things become difficult when Dilip doesn't agree and stands as an obstacle in their way. Will Satish and friends be able to solve the mystery around the death?