Mee Aani U

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Mee Aani U

U | 13 Dec, 2013

A fun and a twisted love tale in the age of social networking.

1 hrs 56 min | Romantic

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At every corner there is a love story blooming. Most have usual problems but few are exceptional. Mee Ani U is one of them. Abhishek and Ira meet through Facebook (Social Networking).Initially it`s a game of hide & seek with their fake facebook profiles. After a while it moves from internet to mobile, Chatting to Texting sharing each and every information with harmless flirting. With day-to-day sharing and caring, lovely Ira starts getting involved with the playful Abhishek.But this is not why our story is exceptional. Even though over internet they are in love but in person they hate each other. Will Abhishek change for his love? Will Abhishek & Ira realize their love for each other? And if they do how will they realize? A Fun, Twisted love story with a Fresh treatment. Youth oriented, full on dhamaal Masala is...``Mee Ani U``