Meghnad Badh Rahasya

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Meghnad Badh Rahasya

UA | 21 Jul, 2017 3,484 Votes

2 hrs 32 min | Drama, Thriller

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Professor Asimava Bose, a fellow at the Oxford University, attains international acclaim with his novel 'The Big Bong Theory', winning the prestigious Arthur C Clarke Award. He then visits his hometown Kolkata with his wife Indrani Mitra where he received a parcel on his birthday, containing a copy of the book 'Meghnad Bodh Kabyo'. Six months prior to his visit, he had received the same book without the sender's name or any trace of the sender. However, the parcel that he received on his birthday has a particular page bookmarked with a line highlighted in it. Indrani starts to notice a change in Asimava's behaviour, that he has become disconcertingly quiet and withdrawn. One morning, Asimava doesn't return home from his morning walk, which is when the hunt to find the culprit behind these mysterious actions take place. One of the prime suspects stumbles upon a clue by chance and takes it upon himself to solve the mystery himself.