Mel Karade Rabba

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Mel Karade Rabba

U | 16 Jul, 2010

2 hrs 15 min | Comedy, Drama, Romantic


Almost every university boy of Punjab considers himself to be a cool dude. But through out his student life he just couldn't figure out that why such a dude appears so rude to his beautiful college girls. Case of our boy is not so different here. But surprisingly, without doing anything, our cool dude has managed to make his way to the most eligible girl in his college. And now he thinks that he has got everything in this world.but can he make his way to her heart aswell.. What she thinks? What is there in her mind? Will she open her heart to him or there is something else in her mind? Come and experience this tale of love - conflict - betrayal & relationships, where every part of your heart will pray."Mel Karade Rabba ".