Mera Target

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Mera Target

UA | 24 Jul, 2015

2 hrs 29 min | Action, Drama

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The movie`s story deals with Ram Babu, a hot-blood, high-tempered mechanic with a kind heart and a tendency to react to various social incidents shown or published in the electronic media. Because of his nature he gets a job of a journalist. Ex-Chief Minister Jawahar Naidu tries to collapse the government and regain the post of a Chief Minister, strongly supported by his son Rana Babu, a newbie to politics.

Meanwhile, a reputed journalist brings the proof and required information about the scams and atrocities committed by Jawahar Naidu, only to be brutally murdered by Rana Babu. Though everyone including the police are aware that Rana Babu is the murderer, none dares to tell the same. Ram Babu valiantly opposes him and gets him arrested. However, he gets a bail from the jail with the help of his friends, and challenges Ram Babu that he would be the Chief Minister of the state by using media itself.

Watch the movie to know how the war between two young citizens modulate the political scenario of the state and if the right wins over the faulty.