Minchaagi Nee Baralu

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Minchaagi Nee Baralu

U | 04 Dec, 2015

A story about a man`s quest to find the love of his life.

2 hrs 12 min | Drama, Romantic

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Jai (Diganth) and Priyanka (Kriti Kharbanda) study in the same engineering college. They communicate through a radio frequently and finally decide to meet in the college. Both of them wait for each other at same place, same time and on the same bench. However, they are unable to see or meet each other as Jai is waiting under the scorching sun and Priyanka is waiting with an umbrella due to heavy rains. Here we discover that they both are in different. They frequently converse on the radio on a daily basis and develop a good chemistry. Suddenly, the Heavenly Gods break the beautiful enchanting spell and the connection between Jai and Priyanka is lost forever. Jai begins his journey to find the love of his life in the present. Will they find each other? Will the lovers be bound by space and time?