Minnaminungu - The Firefly

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Minnaminungu - The Firefly

U | 21 Jul, 2017 420 Votes

2 hrs 10 min | Drama


The film portraits the plight of a woman trapped in her own tragic circumstances. The Heroine is a widow living in a small thatched hut with her father Gopalan. Her daughter Charu does her studies staying in a hostel. She has high hopes in Charu’s studies and to fulfill that, she does many part time jobs apart from working in a Telecom Company as a manual labour. Charu frequently comes home. Gradually the frequency of her trips home gets less and less, much to the worry of her mother. Charu expresses her desire to go for higher studies to Canada. The Mother goes through several hardships to make six lakhs rupees for payment to the travel agency for her daughter. She had to sell her house, resign her job and borrow from well wishers and a moneylender to fulfill her daughter’s ambition. The writer, MN, at whose home she works as a housemaid also helps her. MN actually wants to write about the story of her life and publish it.

On a visit to the travel agent to pay the cash, Charu’s mother comes to know that her daughter is actually going to migrate to Canada with her lover and not for any higher studies. That was a great shock to her. But she keeps the information within her and does not reveal it to anyone, not even to her father. She consoles herself. She has to do a lot of things now, like paying back the loans, looking after her father and she dreams to make a house for her daughter to come and stay when she returns.

The Times of India   rated it
Minnaminungu - The Firefly
Charu has been very close to her mom, who is a single mother. When she gets into a relationship, she tries to migrate to Canada with her boyfriend and she doesnt reveal it to her mom. The mother, who d...
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dimple   rated it
exceptionally great acting by surabhi
absolutely haunting character...cant explain emotions in words...feeling absolutely thrilled that this character which does not have a name has got a national recognition for exemplary acting by a Mala...