Mission Tiger

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Mission Tiger

UA | 29 Jul, 2016

Save the tiger.

1 hrs 24 min | Adventure, Drama

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Mission Tiger is the first film featuring the root cause of tiger poaching in India and intends to impart a message - Save the tiger. The film is based on a real-life incident that happened to an Indian Forest Service Officer Mr. T.R Bijulal from Uttaranchal Forest Department, who also plays the role as a District Forest officer in this movie.

Mission Tiger revolves around a gang of poachers who take all the effort to hunt down the tiger for money. An expert in hunting, traps tigers for his livelihood. An IFS officer is on an undercover operation to save tigers from poachers and the International Trade Mafia.

Fortune Cinemas brings this movie on the 29th of July, which has been declared as "World Tiger Day" by World Wildlife Fund(WWF), projecting a strong message to the society about the importance of saving tigers from poachers.

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