Mona Darling

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Mona Darling

A | 24 Feb, 2017 217 Votes

1 hrs 59 min | Horror, Thriller

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A horror-thriller set in the contemporary, post-cyber world, Mona Darling in a whodunit that questions the blurring lines diving real from virtual, good from evil and ultimately life from death.

A few mysterious deaths occur and the only common link between the victims is that, seconds before their deaths, they all accepted a Facebook friend request from a certain profile page of Mona Darling. The person behind the said page, Mona happens to be missing.

Her friend, and a fellow student, Sarah recruits the help of a classmate, Wiki a borderline sociopathic genius. This odd-couple of amateur sleuths carry on their investigation as the story leads them into unexpected corners and terrifying revelations.