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U | 04 Dec, 2015

2 hrs 7 min | Comedy, Drama

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The institute of ten-fold mastery(Dash Mahabidyalay), is an unbelievable college at Taskar Nagar. The syllabus includes bank robbery honors, pick pocket honors, snatching honors, filching honors, fake currency printing honors, etc.The toppers of the present batch are Kartik (Shaswata Chattopadhya) and Ganesh (Biswanath Bose) under the auspices of Principal, Dharmadas Maharaj (Kharaj Mukherjee).

Dharmadas` devotion to make successful thieves from this institute is unquestionable. The duo Kartik and Ganesh have enrolled themselves to learn the greatest degree of all thefts `heart-stealth.` Thus they landed at the institute and became colleagues with Safai Lal, who is extremely aspirant and focused to become future minister and thus joined to learn some tricks of the trade.