Money Rathnam

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Money Rathnam

U | 26 Sep, 2014 38 Votes

One bag of money. A lot of confusion!

2 hrs 5 min | Comedy, Thriller


When Neil finds a bag full of money after a New Year`s party, he can`t believe his luck. But when he reaches a small town in Tamil Nadu, he realizes that there are others who also want the money that he holds in his hand. He now hits the road with the intention of keeping the bag safe.
Little does he know that all hell will break loose in the next 24 hours.

Akhila Menon (Filmibeat)   rated it
Money Rathnam
Debutant director Santhosh Nair manages to make the movie watchable; even with an average script. A one-time watchable average flick....
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Eby Syriac Danavelil   rated it
My review for Money Rathnam U
first time am writing a review to tell you guys that this is the WORST MOVIE i watched in this year.. director dont have an idea that what he is doing.. wasted my 2 hours...