Moodar Koodam (Tamil)

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Moodar Koodam (Tamil)

U | 13 Sep, 2013 23 Votes

A black comedy in the words of Buddha.

2 hrs 29 min | Comedy


This Movie is a .black comedy based on Gautama Buddha`s saying `It is better to travel well than to arrive.` A thorough entertainer, scripted and filmed in a way to make the audience laugh, have fun and if possible think.

Every person who thinks he has tasted success in life and understood life successfully, every person who searches outwardly for happiness and satisfaction of life, every person who considers himself superior or inferior than others - everyone of them is a fool. Because whenever we think we are equipped to deal with life`s next challenges, we are given a rude awakening. The experiences that we accumulate over a lifetime still might not be enough to deal with the next puzzle that life will throw at us. Life outfoxes and outwits us all the time. Life`s meaning and perception changes ever day and life teaches us and makes us understand it in a new form every other day till we die. So, all of us who think we are wiser, smart, competitive, better than another being, are fools. And this world is a beautiful stage where all these fools gather. This film deals with a bunch of fools like us. It`s not mandatory they do foolish things and act foolishly, but they are fools in their own way.