Mr Nookayya (Telugu)

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Mr Nookayya (Telugu)

A | 08 Mar, 2012

2 hrs 20 min | Action, Romantic

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The story revolves around Manoj who plays a crackerjack cell phone thief who calls himself Nokia. His partners in crime are his friends Nampall and Charger who are orphans just like him. Sana Khan who plays a waitress in a pub is his love interest. Then there is Auradha, a newly-wed bank manager. Her husband Kiran gets kidnapped by a gang headed by baddie Shajahan Bismil who demands a ransom of Rs 2 crore from the wife. How do the parallel stories overlap? Does Anu get her husband back? The questions get answered as the movie unfolds in a rather contrived thrill-a-minute fashion.