Mr. White Mr. Black

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Mr. White Mr. Black

UA | 02 May, 2008

Action, Comedy, Drama

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Gopi (Sunil Shetty) is a simpleton who comes to Goa from his native Hoshiarpur to hand over an extremely small piece of land to his childhood buddy Kishen (Arshad Warsi) to fulfill his fathers last wish. Kishen is a conman who dupes people with help from his partner in crime, Babu (Atul Kale). He needs money to support his sister Divyas (Mahima Mehta) education in London. Kishen hides his real identity from Anuradha (Rashmi Nigam) by bringing his fake imaginary twin brother Hari into the scene. And Gopi who is on the hot trail of Kishen gets help from Tanya (Anishka Khosla), daughter of the owner of K.G. Resorts. News breaks out about three gorgeous diamond thieves being trapped in the resort. On hearing this, Kishen and everyone else heads straight to the Resort. So who will get hold of diamonds?