My Dear Yash (Marathi)

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My Dear Yash (Marathi)

U | 11 Oct, 2013

A heart-touching story of an autistic kid, Yash.

2 hrs 13 min | Drama

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`Autism` is a behavioral malfunction that may hamper an individual`s fullest personality development. Autism, derived from `auto`, means a strong tendency to be self-occupied and self-centered. The proper medical term is `Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)`, which covers a range of symptoms. Found mainly in children during formative years, autism is not a disease but a neurological impairment that can be cured to extent depending upon the initial degree. Many causes are argued to be the origin, and no medicine has yet proved to be a sure-shot remedy.

`My Dear Yash` is the story of one such autistic kid Yash, spanning over from his early childhood till his teens.