My Friend Ganesha

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My Friend Ganesha

U | 06 Jul, 2007

1 hrs 35 min | Animation, Drama

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Ashu, an 8 year old boy, lives with his family. However, his parents are always busy with their daily lives and so he is left feeling lonely. Ashu would be left with the maid Gangutai. On one rainy day, Ashu rescues a mouse from drowning and saves his life. When he takes the little mouse home, and tells Gangutai about it, she is very happy and tells Ashu that he has saved Lord Ganeshas pet ride. She explains the whole episode of Lord Ganesha and Mushkraj to Ashu. Ashu gets excited at the thought that Lord Ganesha could be his friend as he is lonely. At this time the family was going through a crisis which coincided with the Ganesha festival. Gangutai manages to convince everybody to get Lord Ganesha home this year. Ganesha comes into Ashus home and things start changing. Ganesha becomes Ashus friend and with him solves many of the familys problems.