Naalu Pennungal

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Naalu Pennungal

U | 23 Nov, 2007

2 hrs 5 min | Drama


Naalu Pennungal is a series of four stories depicting the lives of four females without any direct link to each other. Each of these women come from different strata of the society, and their story covers different time spans and changing social milieu. The film begins with the story of two lowly street dwellers, Kunju Pennu (Padmapriya) and Pappukutty (Sreejith Ravi). They decide to make a life for themselves as husband and wife without a legal sanction that leads to problems in the later phase of their lives. Then comes the story of a young hardworking girl who is asked to step out of the bounds of societal norms. In the later half comes the story is similar to that of Cinderella which is played by Nandita Das. This is followed by the story of Chinnu Amma which is the story of a hearty female who evolves feelings for her neighbor and finds herself in a plight between the love for her husband and her lover. It is an offering of a unique experience for the viewers.