Naan Avan Illai 2

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Naan Avan Illai 2

A | 27 Nov, 2009

2 hrs 8 min | Comedy, Drama

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Annamalai`s photograph appears in a newspaper along with an interview of Maria (Rachana Maurya), a mafia-turned-spiritualist attributing her transformation to him. This prompts three women to come calling Maria all the way. The three women Sakhi, Nisha and Deepa, were cheated by him recently and they probe Maria of Annamalai`s whereabouts.
Meanwhile, Annamalai suffers bleeding injuries in an accident. Mahi (Sangeetha), a Lankan woman who runs a restaurant, nurses him back to health. On seeing Mahi separated from his daughter by her late husband`s (Krishna) family, he decides to reunite them. He robs money with which he achieves his purpose. Meanwhile, the trio tracks down Annamalai and confronts him. Annamalai goes all the way to a Church where speaks in his own style and make the girls believe that he is not the one they are searching for.