Naduve Antaravirali

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Naduve Antaravirali

UA | 05 Oct, 2018 3,098 Votes

1 hrs 48 min | Comedy, Drama, Romantic


The plot revolves around Sanjay and Nitya, who are college mates from upper-middle-class families. While in college, they meet through some common friends and hang out often as a group. Nitya has a childhood friend Bhavya who is very protective of her and often wards off the boys who try to hit on Nitya, and Sanjay's friend Chikkanna on the other hand encourages him to fall in love, gives him ideas to woo Nitya. Sanjay falls in love with Nitya eventually, but he hesitates to tell her as he is very shy. On Nitya's birthday, Sanjay intends to propose her. But Nitya rejects the proposal.

After a series of pursuing and some serious drama like falling from a moving bus, will Nitya agree to Sanjay's proposal? Will they have a happily ever after ending in their lives or will they keep distance? What becomes their priority in life - Love, Studies, Family?