Nagara Havu

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Nagara Havu

- | 11 Mar, 2011

2 hrs 49 min | Drama


Based on Ira Levin`s 1953 novel A Kiss Before Dying, Naagarahaavu is the story of Ramachari, a tough lad and his teacher Chamayya, who enters his life after Ramachari is caught copying in class and avenges hideously this insult why tying a half-naked principal of school to a pole in the night. The teacher starts to influence Ramachari`s life in all its aspects, from academic to romantic. Chamayya also tries to set things right in Ramachari`s life and bring him ``back on track``. However, he errs and this mistake has unalterable repercussions on the lives of Chamayya, Ramachari and his lady-loves.