Nam Yejamaanaru

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Nam Yejamaanaru

UA | 27 Feb, 2009


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Shashank (Dr. Vishnuvardhana) runs a marriage bureau and is popular for his work. He has an important guest over his house, Charu (Navya Nair) who tells herself to be Urmila and eagerly waits for Shashank, whom she thinks of her husband, to accept her as his wife. Shashank has known Charu since she was a child, and thinks of her as his daughter.
Shashank`s wife Urmila (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy) dies in an accident, when the bus in which Shashank, Charu and others were crossing in Munar Ghat section falls off a cliff. Charu after this accident says that she is Urmila, hearing that Shashank is totally baffled. He keeps her in his house at the advice of psychiatrists. Meanwhile Alok (Vijaya Raghavendra) the lover of Charu arrives to fetch her. Charu doesn`t recognize Alok which leads to suspicion in his mind. The plot gets thicker and thicker towards the end.