Namasthe Bali Island

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Namasthe Bali Island

A | 27 Feb, 2015 11 Votes

1 hrs 41 min | Drama


Namesthe Bali is the story of a girl who courageously tries to get through a tragedy that happens in her life quite unexpectedly and how it leads to certain revelations in her life.
Annamma, daughter of a business tycoon, is a very bold girl. She gets four friends from Bali Island. Her life is influenced with their presence and vice versa. This unravels many truths before them.

Deepa Soman (TOI)   rated it
Namasthe Bali Island
Namasthe Bali can easily be identified as the poor, less-classy sibling of the much loved Hindi film Queen. Not only the plot, but the sequence of events and several comic moments are straight lifts fr...