Namboothiri Yuvavu @ 43

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Namboothiri Yuvavu @ 43

U | 29 Nov, 2013 1 Votes

Love is blind and Age is just a number!

1 hrs 38 min | Comedy, Romantic


The Film `Namboothiri Yuvavu@43` (NY@43) holds together life of a middle aged man (Jayanthan, played by Raju Manianpilla) and his friends. Jayanthan who is not yet married due to unknown-typical-planetary-reasons until, gets a real revamp when a young girl (Sanmaya, played by debutant Thanusree Reghuram) to his wildest of surprise agrees to marry him accepting him as what he is. Real story begins here. `Kaathoramaaro...`

Even though it may sound a clich, the film NY@43 is all about love, family and friendship; which carries along a warm promise of clean entertainment, for every male and female barring all sorts of age differences-for we know, age is just a number!