Names Unknown (Perariyathavar)

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Names Unknown (Perariyathavar)

U | 09 Jan, 2015 15 Votes

A poignant tale of a sweeper and his son.

1 hrs 53 min | Drama


The movie showcases the travails of the marginalized section of the society through the eyes of a father and his son. A temporary sweeper, the father takes his son along to dump the city`s garbage in a rural village, thereby witnessing the plight of others who are also considered faceless entities by society.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Names Unknown (Perariyathavar): Film Review – Each face tells a story
There are certain films out there that make you stop and think about the world around us. In the grand scheme of life, how many of us actually take a moment? But Names Unknown actually works. Directed ...
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Aneesh Narayanan   rated it
Names Unknown (Perariyathavar)
Its the same visuals what we see in our daily life ... It makes us to think where we are placed in our society...