Nammal Thammil

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Nammal Thammil

A | 01 May, 2009

Action, Romantic


Vicky (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is the student`s union chairman of an engineering college. He is in love with a fellow student, Anu (Geetu Mohandas). Due to some misunderstandings regarding a campus bet, she starts to drift away from him. This is when her childhood buddy, Johnny (Indrajith), gets admitted in their college. Anu, with an intention of making Vicky jealous, starts to get close to Johnny. Taking advantage of the situation, Vicky`s enemy plants a host of misunderstandings between Johnny and Vicky, so much, so that they assume mortal enmity. Just what the don`t know is that they are blood-brothers! Will they find out?